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    DNA of the brand



    On our opinion freedom relates a lot to courage. To wear an extraordinary hat is about courage in a particular way. Our woman is free from any prejudices and always choses a way of pleasure- and we are very proud of it.


    Healthy love to yourself

    We are for healthy love to yourself. Our woman has a favorite work, hobbies, friend and family. But in all-day routine she always finds time for herself. In the middle of her universe is she herself- in a good way.


    Oppeness to experiences

    There are absolutely different models in our collections: classic, and more experimental. Our brave woman choses both options depending on circumstances.



    In our case youth is not a definition of age- it is obvious all about the inner condition. Our clients are of absolutely different age, and youth is constant regardless on number of digits. They live a full life, are capable of insane acts, if they know that it will bring them happiness or even fleeting joy. And our hats and accessories- are one of option to show that ardor which is so common for young people


    Easy attitude to life

    Only a woman full of courage and loving life can afford an easy attitude to life.

    This is what we communicate through all our shootings and the way we communicate with the world outside.



    We are unpredictable in our designs in the same way that our woman is.